Watch: ARTECA Presented at Digital Frontiers

by Chaz Lilly

Students and faculty from the ArtSciLab gave a number of talks in the fall 2016 semester, making appearances at symposiums and conferences to discuss the launch and future directions of ARTECA. One such talk took place at Rice University in Houston at the Digital Frontiers conference.

At the conference, Dr. Roger Malina, director of the lab; Cassini Nazir, director of design and research; and Chaz Lilly, an Arts and Technology PhD student, gave a presentation titled “Connecting Creative Communities.”

Addressing the historical context and long legacy of the publication Leonardo that led to the emergence of ARTECA, Dr. Malina spoke about his consistent practice of adopting new technologies to network with and publish research from members of the art-sci-technology community.

Nazir, who teaches interaction design at UT Dallas, touched on technical and design challenges in creating a user-friendly platform.

Lilly’s section of the talk uncovered how he aims to experiment with new methods of scholarly and professional communication to create a more robust scholarly resource in ARTECA.

About the author

Chaz Lilly is a PhD student in the School of Art, Technology, and Emerging Communications at the University of Texas at Dallas where he is researching experimental and emerging forms of scholarly publishing. Chaz has worked in various editorial capacities for a number of publications: Currently, he is managing editor of experimental publishing initiatives in the ArtSciLab. He is the former editor-in-chief of the literary journal, “Reunion: The Dallas Review.” In 2016, he was named a Society for Scholarly Publishing Fellow.