The ArtSciLab Crier began in early 2021 when the new Lab Coordinator Mahmoud Elkarmalawy wanted to answer the popular question of “What is going on at the ArtSciLab?”. He later invited Daniel Martinez-Murillo onto the Crier team to help him answer that question.

The ArtSciLab Crier is a weekly newsletter website designed to inform ArtSciLab members and other interested parties about the lab’s events and news related to the lab. The name is based on town criers, who would make public announcements in town halls, and the logo is inspired by newspaper boys, who in a similar fashion would exclaim news headlines in the streets. In the same way, the Crier intends to point interested people’s attention towards the ArtSciLab and their projects by spotlighting them and relevant news, interacting with readers through activities, and providing readers with the latest events, research results, and inquiries. More than just a blog, the Crier hopes that its team’s accuracy, creativity, and efforts shine through and provide an enjoyable insight into the world of the ArtSciLab. 

In this way, the Crier’s use of experimental publishing and curating methods aids in its mission to create a deeper level of engagement within the ArtSciLab family and its external network of collaborators, leading to a more connected community of hybrid professionals from various disciplines, cultures, and backgrounds.