Originated in 2021 by Lauren Bernal in conjunction with Sairam Venkataraman and UTD Clinical Assistant Professor of Information Systems at UTD’s JSOM, Dr. Judd Bradbury.

D.A.T.A Projects

D.A.T.A.(Data Analytics Team for the ArtSciLab) is an alliance of analytic-driven ASL members. Its goal is to maintain sustainability in ASL as we learn from our history to make the best judgments for the future. With Lauren’s B.S. in psychology, she is utilizing knowledge of emotional intelligence and research design as a lens to start the Data Analytics Team of the ArtSciLab (coincidentally acronymic for “D.A.T.A.”) to turn our qualitative measures into quantitative data visualizations. In the rationale for D.A.T.A., she expresses how the information we have on our ArtSciLab members can be used with understanding how to better our systems with increasing heterogeneity, seeing our strong points and weaknesses from an introspective point of view. Lauren nominated our new Lab Coordinator, Sairam Venkataraman, to be the lead of D.A.T.A. as he is earning his master’s degree in business analytics and can scaffold others on learning data analytics.