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Past Projects

Griot Sayansi

Griot Sayansi is a gateway for interdisciplinary, intercultural and interpersonal exchange using th ...


Integrating Domestic, Physical, and Virtual Spaces through Design

Esport Player Development

This E-Sport Cyberathlete Development project launched by the University of Texas at Dallas’ ArtSciL ...

Data Stethoscope

A collaboration of artists, designers, and neuroscientists, Data Stethoscope is a multimodal data so ...


A virtual interactive lab assistant for the ArtSciLab.


Researching how researchers and expert practitioners work together in inter- and trans-disciplinary ...

Creative Disturbance

Creative Disturbance is an international and multilingual podcast platform that facilitates collabor ...

SEAD Exemplars

A collection of multidisciplinary exemplars of science, engineering, art, design, and humanities.


ARTECA is a digital space that supports scholarly materials that explore the intersection of arts, h ...

Leonardo eBook Series

A publication project that collaborated between MIT Press, Leonardo, and the lab to publish and crea ...

Micro Lux Chants

Micro Lux Chants is a multi-disciplinary art-science project where we seek to understand the life cy ...

Meta Life Web Companion

The web companion of the Leonardo e-book Meta-Life: Biotechnologies, Synthetic Biology, ALife and th ...


Curriculum Development in the Arts, Science, and Humanities