Ritwik Kaikini


Ritwik Kaikini is a sound designer, musician and artist studying Arts and Technology at University of Texas at Dallas. After graduating with a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from BMS College of Engineering in India , he completed the Film Appreciation Course at FTII (Film and Television Institute of India). While working in radio advertising at Shankh Studios, Mumbai, India (Lingo India Pvt Ltd), his interests eventually coalesced into the multidisciplinary world of cinema, arts and sciences. He is presently involved in music, sound design, film, art-science, phenomenology and philosophy of sound. Presently, he works as an Art-Science Communicator for ArtSciLab and a Producer for Creative Disturbance, a multi-lingual podcast initiative for the arts and sciences hosted by the ArtSciLab at The University of Texas at Dallas. He is also an active proponent of sound art practice at LabSynthE, under the direction of Dr. Frank Dufour and Xtine Burrough. LabSynthE is a laboratory of experimental attention combining new media, sound art and poetry.