Kristen Deupree

UX Researcher

Studying the brain has given me a unique perspective on how people process information and interact with the world. I became interested in user experience research to apply my expertise in brain and behavioral sciences to help designers develop products that complement the underlying mechanisms of cognition with principles of human factors and human computer interaction. 

While earning my bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience with a minor in Performing Arts, my interests converged to conduct a research project investigating transfer appropriate processing and how attention influences memory of music with the NeuroPsychometric Research Lab. Proceeding to earn my master’s degree in Applied Cognition and Neuroscience, I continued to study music and conduct research investigating factors that influence visual and auditory memory distortions. 

In the ArtSciLab, I have collaborated on projects researching applications of multimodal visual and auditory representations of information, and conducted user experience research and usability testing on these applications as well as the redesign of the university website navigation system. Current projects in the lab are researching the enhanced cognitive capabilities and well-being of Esports players. 

As an avid musician, I also teach piano lessons, training people to interpret visual representations of music via interaction with the instrument to create the pleasurable experience of music.

Current Projects