Erin Dion


Erin is a BS Psychology student at UT Dallas. She has an Associate’s Degree in Science from Brookhaven Community College. She is interested in how the fields of Science, Philosophy, and Genetics often merge to create advancements in one, if not all, of these fields.

Erin recently became involved with the UT Dallas ArtSciLab Summer 2018 as an undergraduate research student/intern. Her prior work varies from research positions at UT Dallas as well as a Biotechnology Company in the Bay Area where she focused on Gene Therapy. She began her college career studying Molecular and Cell Biology and eventually found the field of Psychology to be a more accurate fit for her interests in terms of breadth and opportunities to utilize concepts and strategies from other fields.

She loves reading – anything, anytime. It is almost a guarantee she will have a book of some form on her at all times. She also enjoys knitting. You could say she is an old soul.

She hopes to utilize her current studies and background in scientific research to advance mental health policy after earning her bachelor’s degree from UTD.