Elen Nas

Research Scholar

Artist, Social Scientist, Master in Design, and Ph.D. in Bioethics

She researches in the field of Technology and Society and started to develop a concept called ‘Bioethics of NonPresence’ and publish a first essay about it with the subtitle ‘body, philosophy and machines’. A version of her Master thesis is published as a book in Portuguese and the title is “Electronic Art: the missing link between Design, Science and Technology” . She is part of research group ‘Catedra Oscar Sala’ from the Advanced Studies Institute (IEA) of University of Sao Paulo (USP) and BrainNIAC – a network dedicated to the research and extension activities in the areas of Neuroscience (BraiN), Nanotechnology (N), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cognition (C). She also studied Music and has skills in martial arts, scuba diving, swimming, acrobatics, theater, and dance. In the Arts, she researches new languages, and in the human sciences, she advocates for creativity in thought. In high school, she was a leader-activist, and since then, she seeks to direct her work, in all areas, in favor of a social change (justice, peace, equity). Her actual research is about artificial intelligence, robotics, and its (social, cultural and environmental) impacts.

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Current Projects