Al Madireddy

Managing Software Engineer

Aahlad “Al” Madireddy is a Full Stack Engineer and Software Engineering Manager who works with almost all the teams in the lab to create compelling websites and software for their research projects.

Al believes in the importance of creating software that is not only functional but intuitive, beautiful, and compelling for the user. He believes that the point of contact between the user and the software, whether it be a website or a command line interface, is one of the most important aspects of a software product, and puts a lot of care into making it great.

He works at the ArtSciLab during the school year, and interns during the summers. He has interned at Toyota Connected and the New York Times, and plans to continue that exploration of software, technology, and design after college. He currently works with technologies such as React, Node.js, Go, PHP, and Python in his projects, and plans to learn and explore more. In addition to being a software engineer, Al is also a photographer and calligrapher in his free time.

Al is currently pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science as a National Merit Scholar from the University of Texas at Dallas, planning on graduating in 2021.