Tron World

by Kuo-Wei Lee

Tron Legacy World

3D Studio Projection REAL World


We are in this 21st century, and we take advantage of advanced technology to make daily lives more and more convenient. I consider 21st century as the “Digital Century”. Everything is binary in the digital world with 0 & 1 combinations which is extremely simple but ordered. The shapes are based on circles, triangles and squares.

Inspiration: TRON


First thing: Set Up & Blend Edges

We had to use multiple projectors to cover whole studio. When we set these projectors up, it became a problem – the Edges. The edges were sharp, so we needed to smooth them. We used a tool called “blend edges”, to overlap the projection’s canvas and used madmapper to blend/soften the edges.

Blend Edges

Projector Set up
Second thing: Activate Every Pixel in 3D studio
After setting up the work station to make the projector to cover the whole space, it was time to put our content into madmapper and let it come alive on the wall!
Project 02: Tape Mapping
Lantern Real time PIP
 Third: Be Coherent
The light bulbs in each projector are slightly different. To have a coherent experience, I needed to adjust the parameters at every work stations to make them (color and contact) united.
 Station 01-04

Last but Not Least: Light It Up!

Let’s enjoy the TRON WORLD!

Tron World Walk-Through

Tron World
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