Professor Roger Malina hosted Yuri’s night on April 15 at his residence. Professor Malina is a physicist, astronomer, and executive editor of Leonardo Publications at The MIT Press. He is also the Director of the ArtSciLab.

Professor Malina and his wife Christine Malina were terrific hosts. People from different age groups, interests, and backgrounds (arts, science, technology, anthropology, geography, etc) attended the party as did students from other Dallas-area universities like UT Arlington and The University of North Texas. The party was open to friends and family which also served as an excellent networking opportunity for everyone.

Attendees got a chance to interact with each other and quickly formed some new connections with a lot of people adding each other on social media platforms and exchanging numbers. People shared their career goals and interests; Neuralink, ARTECA, Creative Disturbance, sonification, and transhumanism were few of the topics that were discussed at the party.

The party was intellectually stimulating and provided an excellent opportunity for people to have fun, connect, interact, and get to know about topics that may be of interest to them. The timing of the party made it convenient for people to attend. Professor Malina called this event “the connection of connections.”