The Leonardo Initiatives in the ATEC Program at UT Dallas and Leonardo/ISAST in San Francisco and Leonardo/OLATS in Paris are pleased to bring your attention to the Leonardo e-book series:
Three Leonardo e-books are available for Kindle:
Art and Atoms on art and chemistry, available here.
Web Companion:
Arts, Humanities, and Complex Networksavailable here.
Web Companion:
Essays on the Sublime in Art and Science, Leonardo Reviews Quarterly 2.0, available here.
Two new Leonardo E-books will be available in 2014:
Water is in the Air, Art, Water and Climate Change, Annick Bureaud (Ed.), Cambridge, MIT Press, Leonardo e-Book series, 2014
Web Site:
Meta-Life. Biotechnologies, Synthetic Biology, ALife and the Arts, Annick Bureaud, Roger Malina, Louise Whiteley (Eds.), Cambridge, MIT Press, Leonardo e-Book series
Web Site Companion: