The UT Dallas ArtSci Lab is pleased to welcome Guy Edmonds as an affiliate
research fellow. Roger Malina is serving on Guy Edmonds’ PhD Committee
in the Cognovo
consortium on cognitive innovation ( at the University
of Plymouth. His PhD topic is on
Early Cinema and Cognitive Creativity. The committee is chaired by
Professor Michael Punt head of
the Transtechnology Research project:
The ArtSciLab and the
Transtech program have a series of ongoing collaborations.

Guy Edmonds Project: Early cinema and Cognitive Creativity

An interdisciplinary investigation of the cognitive impact of analogue
and digital film projection technologies.


Guy Edmonds is a film maker and professional film restorer and archivist who has
previously worked at The Cinema Museum in London, Christie’s Camera
and Photographic auctions, and the EYE Film Institute (formerly
Nederlands Filmmuseum).

His research interests in early cinema and home movies have led to two
unique programming events in which new contexts are proposed for found
films – The Séance du Cinema performances where spiritualistic mediums
attempt to divine further information about the unknown protagonists
of found home movies and the Saloon of Refuse in which a wide variety
of often fragmentary film forms are saved from landfill for last
chance saloon screenings.

His writings on the subject of Home Movies and Amateur film have
appeared in specialised edited volumes, the academic journal, Film
History, the monthly film magazine, Skrien, and the Stichting
Amateurfilm magazine and website.

He organised the first Home Movie Days in London and since 2008 has
been a co-organiser of the Home Movie Days at EYE in Amsterdam. He is
a member of the artist-run cooperative, Filmwerkplaats in Rotterdam,
and a performer with the Projector Orchestra.