Student Position in the ArtSciLab led by Prof Roger Malina
Title: Intern in the Leonardo Initiative on Experimental Publishing
Supervisor: Prof Roger Malina ( )
Day to Day Supervision : Andrew Blanton
Advice: Prof Cassini Nazir
The student will work on a number of projects including:
– Assist in technical assembly for two Leonardo e-books to be published by MIT Press in 2014-
– Developing an innovative web site and social media presence for the ArtSciLab
– Developing the Creative Disturbance Podcast Radio Station
– Editorial and technical work on three web site companions Art and Atoms ( ) and Arts, Humanities and Complex Networks ( and Art and Synthetic Biology ( )
– Support on ARTSCILAB projects such as the ArtSciLab Crowdfunding Club
This position was previously held by EMAC Students AJ Klein, Max Mechanic and Cathryn Ploehn
Technical Skills required:
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP – enough knowledge to manage and tinker with websites built with WordPress
Photoshop, Illustrator – good working knowlege
Editorial Coordination, Previous web development experience desired
Experience with Content Management Systems preferred
Hours: flexible , up to 19 1/2 hours a week.
Contact : Charlotte Mason :