We are thrilled to announce that xREZ lab and collaborators at UTD ArtSciLab and Texas A and M CStar antarctic telescope have received a prestigious NEA art works grant for creation of the interactive artwork Instrument” One Antarctic Night.
INSTRUMENT: One Antarctic Night is an interactive artwork created from 287‚800 images of the universe captured recently by a robotic telescope in Antarctica. Using this data about how the universe works‚ we are creating electronic instruments that participants interact with to make digital image and sound remixes. The experience is like a video and music jam session taking place in the gallery‚ on large scale displays‚ mobile devices‚ and online simultaneously.
The project is art+science collaboration between artists and astrophysicist led  by UNT (http://www.xrezlab.com/ ) , with UT Dallas Art SciLab, and Texas A&M (http://mcba11.phys.unsw.edu.au/~plato/cstar.html) with participating artists from RISD and SJSU. Watch the project video and learn more about this exciting artwork at http://oneantarcticnight.xrezlab.com.
ArtScilab collaborators Scot Gresham Lancaster and Brian Merlo and Andrew Blanton at San Jose State University are participating.