David Marlett is researching and developing technologies and artistic techniques necessary to produce live-action
‘feature films’ to be experienced entirely within a head-mounted display such as an Oculus Rift or Sony Morpheus.

As part of his PhD dissertation research at the Arts & Technology Program (ATEC) at The University of Texas (Dallas),Marlett is developing, and intends to then produce, his screenplay,BLUE HIGHWAY,as quite possibly the first feature length, live action Immersive Cinema 3D-360 film.
(This will be developed out of theArtSciLab in ATEC, where Marlett is a Research Fellow.)  BLUE HIGHWAY has been in development as both a play and a film, due to its theatrical feel, limited sets and intimate dialogue.  It is thus ideal for Immersive Cinema which is, production-wise,
akin to filming a play from the front row.