Two students in the ArtSciLab, Sruthi Ayloo and Stephanie Brisendine, will be graduating this spring 2015 semester and going into new jobs and opportunities.
Sruthi will be graduating with her Masters in Computer Science from UT Dallas. She says:
Working at the ArtSciLab as a graduate research assistant was the best thing that happened to me during my graduate studies. It was an amazing opportunity, as I got a chance to play and experiment with new technologies and was also introduced to the arts and music. I learned a lot during my stay here. Interacting with diverse people within the lab gave me a better understanding of various cultures and made my work fun. There were days when I used to get more work done for my lab than my coursework as I truly relished my job here and I really loved what I did.
I have always wanted to work on products that help with advancing computation across fields. In line with this goal, I have taken up a full-time offer as an Application Support Engineer at Mathworks (Massachusetts) and will be joining their Engineering Development Group. I will be solving different types of MATLAB problems and at the same time work with different teams within the company to build better features for MATLAB and its various toolboxes.
Stephanie will be graduating with her undergraduate degree in Emerging Media and Communications from UTD. She says:
My post-graduation plans evolved as I gained confidence in my ability to actualize opportunities. My two years at UTD, and more specifically, my year and a half with the ArtSciLab has given me confidence and curiosity in the world again. I’ve been able to learn, fail, experiment and create things that I never thought possible before. Being surrounded by an infinitely interesting international and academic community has also played a crucial role in my long-term goals. I remember thinking that finding a job after finishing my undergraduate would be sufficient, because going to grad school just equaled more debt. However, my current long-term goals include graduate research as well as becoming internationally established. The beautiful thing is there are multiple paths that I can take – job offers, grad school, abroad opportunities – which is extremely exciting. And as of late March, I’m happy to say that I was accepted into the JET Program in Japan and I will be living there for at least a year. I plan to use this time to become fluent in Japanese as well as continue investigating some of the questions I present in my capstone (senior project) this semester.
Congrats and good luck to Sruthi and Stephanie!