The ideal candidate is someone who is detail-oriented, enjoys the publishing process, communicates well with others, and is familiar with E-books. The candidate will acquire valuable experience with e-publishing tools and methods. Possible continuation over the summer since most of the work can be done online remotely with coordination meetings held on campus. The work is in the ATEC ArtSciLab under the supervision of professor Roger Malina
• Formatting existing or new articles for the upcoming Leonardo E-book according to the current style guide
• Updating style guide and process as it becomes more efficient
• Collaboration with various editors at MIT Press to supplement the development of Leonardo E-books
• Like a liaison with MIT Press, you will communicate and collaborate with E-book editors internationally
• Will help publish the E-book to Amazon
• Support the E-book’s online presence by maintaining its social media
• Responsible for the E-book companion website maintenance
• Could be tasked to experiment with other scholarly publishing platforms (i.e. publishing professional podcasts for the Leonardo Creative Disturbance channel)
• Previous experience in editorial work, social media, and front-end web development
• If interested contact Roger Malina at: