We are a transdisciplinary research lab—helping the arts, science, and technology communities by pursuing initiatives of societal urgency and cultural timeliness.

We develop multiple applications in a studio-lab approach through our projects, which include the creation of artworks, scientific research, technology development, and educational innovation.

We carry out our work through trans-disciplinary, national and international partnerships and collaborations.

Art-science collaborations

Collaboration between the arts and sciences has the potential to create new knowledge, ideas and processes beneficial to both fields.

We work on initiatives that could not be accomplished without collaboration between artists and scientists.

Experimental publishing

Digital culture is transforming how we document our work and show it to others. Curating and peer review processes are being re-invented.

We conduct experiments in publishing to explore and identify new multi-modal and multimedia best practices.


The ArtSciLab was created with the opening of the Edith O’Donnell Arts and Technology building in 2014. Dr. Roger Malina is the founding director and principal investigator of the lab.

From its founding, the ArtSciLab initiated various projects that focused on data visualization and sonification of data, as well as experimental academic publishing projects with partners Leonardo and MIT Press.

In addition, the lab hosts various projects that involve the integration of the arts, design and humanities in science, technology, education and mathematics (STEAM).